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The ABS sensor
The ABS sensor

1.  The ABS sensor

1.1 The role of ABS sensor

ABS sensor through the ring gear rotates synchronously with the role with the wheel, output a set of quasi sinusoidal alternating current signal, its frequency and amplitude and wheel speed. The output signal is transmitted to the ABS electronic control unit (ECU), to realize real-time monitoring of wheel speed.

1.2 My company's ABS sensor

My company's ABS sensor has straight and bend head, the length of the line can be customized according to customer requirements.

1.3 The related parameters

1.4 The installation of ABS sensors

After the bridge when installed, to sensor into the clamping body; the front axle load clamping body or the steering arm hole. When you first install the lining is arranged in the holding body, and the sensor coated with grease, into the Bush, will push hard to contact sensor gear ring. The distance between the gear ring and the sensor is not more than 0.7mm.

1.5 related drawings.


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