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ASR Solenoid Valve

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ASR Solenoid Valve

1.ASR solenoid valve

1.1 The role of ASR

ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) is also called automatic traction control system, is a set of ABS control system to the slipping of the driving wheel system.

1.2 The advantages of ASR

It can maintain the driving force of vehicle and steering force. It can also ensure the driving stability when vehicle started, acceleration, quick turn on the slippery road. The warning lamp can remind the driver of the road slippery to make the tire tiniest damage and also reduce the possibility of accidents.

1.3 Control method of ASR

Bridge control: the implementation of differential control. The driving wheels on the roads with different adhesion coefficients, when driving speed less than 35 km/h, the system will brake the slippery driving wheels to reduce the slip rates, while improve the driving force.

The engine control: When driving speed is more than 35 km/h or the two sides driving wheels are on slippery road, the system will output a maximum driving torque through engine rotate speed, thus controlling the driving wheel speed to reduce the slip rate, improve the driving force and ensure the steering control.

1.4 ASR solenoid valve

1.4.1 The function of ASR solenoid valve

ASR solenoid valve is the executive component of the ASR system, when the vehicle driving wheel slips, ECU will give the signal to ASR solenoid valve. After ASR solenoid valve receiving the signal, it will open and close the electromagnetic core to control the braking force of the driving wheels on the vehicle, which will maintain maximum adhesion to the vehicle driving wheels, and also prevent slipping.

1.4.2 ASR solenoid valve in our company

1.4.5 Test report of ASR

1.4.5 ASR drawings


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