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ABS Solenoid Valve

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ABS Solenoid Valve

1.ABS Introduction

1.1What is ABS

ABS is Anti-Lock Braking System, which is an electronic system controlling and monitoring speed of vehicles during the air brake period. It works in a normal air brake system to improve the vehicle active safety.  If ABS loses its function, the normal air brake system still works. The ABS mainly includes ECU, ABS solenoid valve, wheel speed sensor and cables.

1.2What are the advantages of vehicle mounted ABS

In emergency braking to maintain vehicle direction maneuverability; shorten and optimize the braking distance. On the road with low adhesion, reduce the braking distance of more than 10%; in the normal road, keep the optimal road adhesion coefficient utilization - namely the best braking distance. To reduce the traffic accident. Reduce the driver mental burden. Reduce tire wear and maintenance costs.

2. ABS Solenoid valve

2.1 ABS The role of valve

ABS solenoid valve is one of the main executive component of the ABS system, which receives signals from the ECU to the brake chamber for pneumatic, exhaust and holding pressure.

2.2 ABS solenoid valve in our company

Our company started the production of ABS solenoid valve in 2002, is one of the earliest production of the product manufacturers, after 10 years of continuous improvement, each performance of the product has reached even more than similar foreign products. ABS electromagnetic valve of our company has Comet Guangzhou brake, Ruili group, Wanan group, Haldex of Sweden, Jiaozuo Borik and other companies supporting, annual output of more than 500000.

2.3 The main parameters

2.3ABS The working principle of the electromagnetic valve

Booster, normally closed valve and a normally open valve were without electricity, gas directly from the 1 port into the body, push the pressurized diaphragm, from 2 to enter the brake chamber.

Holding pressure time, normally closed valve energizing pickup, make the source reach the pressurized diaphragm cavity, pressing pressurized diaphragm, while another Road gas source from the normally open valve to the exhaust diaphragm chamber, pressing exhaust diaphragm, reach the purpose of keeping pressure.

When the pressure is reduced, the normally closed valve pull power, make the gas source to reach boosting diaphragm cavity, pressurized diaphragm pressing, and normally open valve is energizing pickup, the exhaust diaphragm chamber gas through the 3 port for discharging, gas can such brake air chamber 2 through open exhaust diaphragm, the brake chamber gas from 3 outlet.

2.5 ABS solenoid valve installation

The location near the brake chamber arranged on the exhaust mouth down. Inclination of not more than 30 degrees, the solenoid valve to the brake chamber pipe not more than 1.5m, diameter is larger than 9mm, the 1 port is connected with the air inlet, the 2 port is connected with the brake chamber.

3.Test report

3.1The reference standard

"Anti lock braking system of electromagnetic air regulator for automobile performance requirements and bench test methods" draft.

3.2The comprehensive performance test

3.3Regulation performance test report

3.4Comprehensive test


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