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Electronic pneumatic shift system of portable electromagnetic valve

Appearance design

Electronic pneumatic shift system of portable electromagnetic valve

The utility model


1. Introduction light shift system

1.1 What is the light shift system

EPS (electronic portable shifting system) is electronic-pneumatic system that mounted besides the main box of the transmission gearbox without changing the original transmission design. There is no mechanical connection between the gear shifting unit and the transmission, which was an independent system connected by a cable only. It helps to save the installation space without any special position requirements (The shift control cable can be arbitrary bended, connected between the unit and the transmission), which is perfectly adapted to the low chassis bus installation characteristics and long distance transmission control, simplifies the loading process.

1.2 What are the advantages of vehicle light shift system

①Avoiding premature failure to the gearbox due to illegal operations from the driver; extending the service life of the gearbox, clutch;
② Reducing the driver's labor intensity, mental burden and traffic accidents;
③ Realizing a driving feeling of “family car” for commercial vehicles and heavy-load trucks;
④ Modular design which is convenient for easy installation, maintenance, repairing;
⑤Long life and low cost.

2、 Portable electromagnetic valve gear shift system

2.1 Portable electromagnetic valve gear shifting system role

The ECU controls the electromagnetic valve according to the operator's shifting requirements and the condition. Once the electromagnetic valve receiving signals from the ECU, the valve will actuate cylinder piston rod by open and close the valve core to compress air, then actuate the gear shifting mechanism motion, so that to achieve the purpose of shifting. The product also can be used to separate controlling in other industries.

2.2 Portable electromagnetic Gear

2.3 The main parameters

3、 Test report

3.1 The two position two way valve test report

3.2 The two position three-way valve test report

4、 Product related drawings.


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