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Hydraulic Condenser/Separator, Water Trap
Hydraulic Condenser/Separator, Water Trap

1. Electronic hydraulic condenser/Separator introduction

1.1 What is electronic hydraulic condenser/separator

The hydraulic condenser/separator is a low maintenance air pre-treatment condenser/separator, is especially designed for severe duty cycle applications-such as the heavy loads and frequent stops of city traffic operation. 
With the vehicle’s air brake system, the hydraulic condenser/separator condenses, separates and removes 90% of the oils, liquids and other contaminants, while treating up to 30 SCFM. When installed properly, it reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life.
 Mounted between the air compressor and the air dryer, the compact hydraulic condenser/separator
 requires little maintenance during its long service life. 

1.2 What are the advantages of electric vehicle mounted cleaning condenser

An automatic drain valve installed on the hydraulic condenser/separator saves time while ensuring that liquids are removed regularly for optimum performance. The drain valve’s integrated filter prevents damage from large debris, while a built-in heater prevents freeze up. 

Whether added as an aftermarket retrofit, or factory installed, the easy installation and reliable operation of the hydraulic condenser/separator make it ideal for applications requiring frequent stopping. The hydraulic condenser/separator can also be used as a standalone air cleaner for lesss demanding systems, such as those found on trailers. 

It can improve the reliability and service life of brake device can improve the safety performance of the vehicle.

1.3 The working principle of electronic cleaning condenser

  • Air enters the circular air path of the Consep through the side inlet port. 
  • Large external cooling fins cause oil, water and contaminants to condense and separate from the air.
  • Centrifugal effect forces the oil, water and contaminants to the housing wall, where they run to the bottom of the system.
  • Clean air exits the outlet port on the top of the housing to continue on to the remaining components of the air system. 
  • Oil, water and contaminants are held in the bottom, while clean air exits the Consep.
  • Oil, water and contaminants are expelled from the system through the electronically controlled automatic drain valve.

1.4 The main parameters

2. Our company hydraulic condenser/separator

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