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ECAS electromagnetic coil and the core part

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ECAS electromagnetic coil and the core part

1. ECAS Electronicmagnetic Coil & Core Parts

1.1 What is ECAS

ECAS is the most advanced development in this direction. Using electronic control units enabled decisive improvements in the conventional system; it enabled many functions for the first time ever:
• Reduction of the air consumption – none while the vehicle is moving. Air savings of approximately 25 % were determined using ECAS compared to a conventional air suspension system in low-floor buses for scheduled route services.
• High speed of all control processes due to large valve cross-sections (nominal   size 7 per air bellows).
• Easy installation. Only one air line is required from the solenoid valve block to each bellows and one to the storage tank.
• Raising/ lowering function and kneeling conform to the legal requirements
• High system flexibility for different kneeling types
• Extensive safety concept, error storage and
ECAS at different configuration levels can be fitted in various bus types .
The ECAS system in a bus consists of the following components:
• an ECAS electronic unit (ECU)
• a solenoid valve
• 3 distance sensors
• optionally 1 pressure sensor
• Operating switches
• Sidewalk detector

1.2 My company ECAS Electromagnetic coils and core parts. 

The ECAS solenoid valves are integrated in a modular system: The same housing is equipped with different valve parts and solenoids, depending on the application. So that the ECAS electromagnetic coils and core parts have different types too. 
We can produce to the customer’s requirement. 

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