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EBS Proportional Solenoid Valve

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EBS Proportional Solenoid Valve

1. EBS introduction

1.1 what is EBS

EBS operates with electronic signals. The EBS electronic control unit controls the system through these signals and can communicate with the individual components at any time. The valves on the brake cylinders generate the required braking pressure according to the control signals. Speed sensors, installed on the wheels of the vehicle for the integrated ABS function, constantly provide the EBS with up-to-date wheel speed information. Different integrated brake management functions detect any deviations from normal driving conditions and intervene in the driving process in the event of hazards. Apart from improving safety, specific functions also optimize driving comfort and lining wear. If the electronic control system malfunctions, all valves simultaneously coordinate operation as in a conventional pneumatic system. In this case, backup pressures are conducted to the brake cylinders where the pneumatic system is effectively applied. What is known as a backup valve blocks the effect of the pneumatic circuit on the rear axle brake cylinders
while EBS functions normally.
The EBS system mainly includes EBS central module, Brake signal transmitter, 1-channel axle modulator, 2-channel axle modulator, trailer control valve, ESC control valve, ABS solenoid valve, ABS sensors, Wear sensors, Steering angle sensor.

1.2 what are the advantages of vehicle mounted EBS

  • Shorter brake response time, greatly improving the vehicle brake reaction speed, shorter braking distance,
  • Comfortable and stable braking “feeling”,
  • Independent monitoring of load status,,
  • Standardization and high integration to the system components, reduce production and installation cost, make the vehicle more economical. 

2. EBS proportional solenoid valve

2.1 EBS proportional solenoid valve

EBS proportional electromagnetic valve is one of the main executive component of the EBS system, it can control the pressure according to signal from the ECU, so as to achieve the precise control of braking force effect.

2.2 EBS proportional solenoid valve our company


2.3 main parameters

2.4 EBS Proportional Solenoid Valve Installation

Vertical installation, inclination of not more than 45 degrees, 1 port connects with the inlet and outlet port 2.

2.5 Test Report

2.5.1 comprehensive performance test


2.5.2 Newton coil assembly force test


2.7 product drawings



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