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ABS let you brake at the same time, flexible steering

The emergency brake, tire lock, a distance, not to. How to control in the distance at the same time can grasp the correct steering, let you have it both ways.

ABS is a good stuff, it is publicly recognized. But no matter how good things are also required to correctly understand the proper use can give full play to its function. But at present, people's understanding of ABS and use can be said that most are not correct. So, to the understanding of ABS is very necessary and urgent.

At present domestic pickup and low-grade passenger will take this device. Compared with the electronic, it has no sensors to feedback pavement friction force and wheel speed signal. To work depends entirely on the preset data. Regardless of the road surface water, the icy roads, muddy road, or a good cement asphalt pavement, it works the same way. So that the braking effect will be greatly reduced. Electronic type will be based on the friction, each wheel rotational speed, the turning angle, tilt of the body to send out a signal to the driving computer. The distribution of brake force frequency by computer, can for each wheel brake applying different efforts, so as to achieve the effect of scientific and reasonable distribution of braking force. That is to say, according to different circumstances for computer analysis of different data processing electronic will, and then make a corresponding adjustment. So that the braking process of vehicle to achieve the best condition.

We can think of in the normal braking action, in the event of an accident, will foot to depress the brake pedal? Then with the more urgent and step on the harder tyres, until the locking screams. This time the car is really trying to stop, but the front wheel has lost steering dodge ability, the steering wheel has been a failure. If again a little pit like, the vehicle may also flick, will spin. In fact, at this time, as long as the brake pedal loosen it, but when the human mind is afraid is a blank, the brake will only subconsciously on more hard. Sold in more than 180 markets around the world.

This is the locked state under the wheels will happen. No ABS car in the sliding state, the wheel forming the so-called "locking" is that no matter how the driver hit the steering wheel, can make the vehicle to change direction, the sliding direction can not grasp can expect. Vehicles because of lost the direction control of course is in extreme danger.

Therefore, automobile manufacturers created ABS the good stuff. Its principle is very simple, when the system find that the wheels are locked, immediately and automatically release the brake piece, so that the wheels to roll, then automatically locking, found the lock after and immediately automatically relax, this does not stop brake, relax, can act 60 to 120 times in a second, similar to the "mechanical Diansha", is far higher than the second man can do 1-2 times point brake. In this way, the intermittent rotating wheel to the driver provides the opportunity to control the direction, so that the driver can side brake side turn, to avoid a danger zone.

So in fact, ABS is not like a lot of people think shorten braking distance. On the contrary, it will make the braking distance is extended. However, ABS will help you fight to avoid dangerous opportunity, this opportunity in times of emergency may be more valuable to you.

For example may be more intuitive. In the narrow road, just as you continue to speed up and up, ready to go from the left lane beyond the front of a car, suddenly found the opposite of a car at. If you continue to accelerate beyond, with the car opposite to the head-on collision. After back to you in an attempt to go beyond the car must also brakes. In such emergency situations, you put on the brakes at exactly the moment of life and death, turn the steering wheel to the right, opposite to the car from the roaring your left over. Just think, if your car has no ABS, so when you step on the brake will also because the wheel lock, steering wheel out of control, the consequences will be unimaginable.


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