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World heavy truck operations center to China transfer

In heavy card market capacity China is equivalent to two times in Europe and Japan, American three capacity and. It is backed by such a big market, the two giants of the world in the field of commercial vehicles, Beijing auto Fukuda and Daimler, after almost nine years of Marathon "courtship", finally airness. In February 18, 2012 the two sides announced that Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Foton Daimler Automotive) was established in Beijing. Authoritative personage points out, this adumbrative world heavy truck operations center forward transfer in china.

Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. the total investment is 6350000000 yuan RMB, the registered capital of 5600000000 yuan, Futian Automobile and Daimler both shares ratio is 50:50. The joint venture company will produce Fukuda automobile existing "FOTON AUMAN" card products and Daimler permission emission standard and dynamic respectively reach European V and 490 HP O M 457 heavy truck engine. The joint venture company of the first board of directors appointed Futian Automobile appointed Wu Yuejun as president and chief executive officer of the joint venture company, served as executive vice president Stephen Daimler delegate.

World heavy truck market ushered in a new era of powerful alliances

Daimler trucks as a global manufacturer of more than six ton truck maximum, owns five brand Mercedes Benz truck, the truck production network in over 28 countries and regions, products are sold in over 180 markets around the world.

Futian Automobile is a rapid development in the production of a full range of commercial vehicle products manufacturer, has now become Asia's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has a leading low cost advantage and product size in the global emerging markets, has the very big development potential.

The current global in heavy card market is divided into two categories. A class of markets are mainly distributed in Europe, Japan and South Korea, USA, to high-end product demand mainly. Another kind is the two kind of market demand in low-end products mainly, mainly distributed in India, China, CIS and other emerging countries. The high-end card and heavy truck market is a mature market, the market growth is slow, while the low-end in heavy card market is developing rapidly, and has great development prospects, the development potential and commercial value. Daimler has the brand, technology and product advantage in the first class market, and Futian Automobile has the technology, product and cost advantage in the second markets, has a larger space for development and growth potential. Daimler and Futian Automobile products have very strong complementary strategy. Set the advantages of both products, will rely on the optimal price and extensive applicability, achieves great success in the two class market.

"This marks the Daimler's global growth strategy and a step forward, but also enriched the Daimler truck business in china." Daimler AG and Daimler truck and bus management committee member of the person responsible for Xerox said "with the joint venture company put into operation, we have to prove we are in accordance with the commitment and orderly implementation of the global strategy with Daimler trucks."

Futian Automobile general manager Wang Jinyu said: through the cooperation with Daimler, Futian Automobile will have the opportunity to digestion and absorption and utilization of Daimler's advanced R & D technology, global experience and resources, not only can improve the international competitiveness of Futian Automobile Products, but also for the global implementation of Futian Automobile Development by leaps and bounds to provide brand reputation and marketing network etc. support; and the advantages of Futian Automobile in the economic type commercial vehicle product resources and cost control will also help Daimler to expand in emerging market share.


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