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Tan Xiuqing: retarder standards to deal with the performance request

Committee members, the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee AQSIQ auto recall expert Tan Xiuqing: eddy current retarder is Europe's elimination products, now the European commercial vehicles are used in hydraulic retarder. The defect of eddy current retarder many: one is too heavy, to reach the standard of brake torque, weight will be 300-400 kg; two is to occupy the space is very large; three is the large power consumption.

So, the eddy current retarder basically no other auxiliary braking device relative to the advantage. Now the best retarder is hydraulic retarder. Hydraulic retarder has several: one is the transmission with; there is a kind of more advanced, developed by German man by engine cooling fluid retarder. In general, the hydraulic retarder to some more advanced.

The retarder is singled out from all the auxiliary braking device, the inside of the administrative color is too thick. As a standard, should not ask for the structure, but should raise requirements on performance. Standard as long as the provisions of a performance index, the enterprise can achieve performance indicators through a variety of ways. As long as we can achieve index, no matter what can be, not necessarily must install retarder.

Auxiliary braking device of retarder is not only a, and the engine brake, exhaust brake and so on many kinds of. Retarder compared, and other auxiliary braking device has the advantage, also has disadvantages, it is difficult to say which kind of auxiliary braking device better, all to see whether meet the technical performance indicators established. If we can meet, then not retarder can be used, if not satisfied, even retarder can't use. In a word, should not be mandatory to install any device, not what the technical route, as long as the provisions of a need to reach the technical performance indicators on the line.


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